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Abs Express

15 minutes of non-stop abdominal action. Come on, it's only 15 minutes. You'll feel guilty if you don't stay for this class. All fitness levels welcome.

Body Thrive / Express

Improve your muscular strength and endurance using stability balls, dumbbells, body bars and exercise bands. Express is 30 minutes. 

Circuit HIIT

This interval based class combines full body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body!

Connexus Circuit

Using the different modalities of the Connexus, get a full body workout with TRX, boxing, and strength and cardio exercises!


A total body strengthening class that varies week by week.  You are guided through a series of strength-based exercises hitting every muscle group. 


A movement centered class utilizing your body more efficiently with balance drills, kettlebells, battle ropes and sandbags.

Spin / Express

This indoor cycling class is low impact and high energy. You will build strength and improve overall endurance. Express is 30 minutes.


Werq is a high energy cardio dance class using the hottest pop and hip hop music. This class is guaranteed to give you a great sweat!


Destress with this relaxing class that focuses on smooth movements to achieve better posture, flexibility, balance and strength.