Melissa Decal - Holistic Director - (Meditation & Reiki) has a pure gift of assisting others to accomplish their dreams by activating a pure connection to their Higher Authentic Selves.  She offers simple yet powerful practices that open an individual to access mindfulness and awareness.   Living in higher states of awareness, allows one to fully step into creative power and to live a life of true fulfillment. For the last 8 years Melissa has been offering holistic wellness to both individuals and groups.  She offers Reiki, Meditations, and Energy Healing workshops.


Christy Guyer - (Reiki, Singing Bowls, Meditation) is a certified Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner and has been practicing Reiki since 2010.  Earlier this year she discovered her enthusiasm for sound healing with Crystal Alchemy Bowls and found they are the perfect complement to Reiki and meditation.  Christy is passionate about reuniting folks with their authentic selves through energetic healing and self-awareness work.

Meditation Bowls: Experience the extraordinary frequency of sound healing through two alchemy crystal singing bowls. Sound healing is based on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies.  The frequencies of these beautiful crystal singing bowls combined with your own frequency create a peaceful resonance. Sound healing can be done on its own or may be added to enhance other experiences.